Hello Brooklyn – S10:E24

Determined to put her man Tyler Nixon’s pleasure before her own this afternoon, Brooklyn Daniels kicks her sensual seduction off with a striptease and make out session that get her beau’s cock rock hard and ready for action.Never one to tease, the raven-haired goddess doesn’t make her man wait for too long to get some relief. After kissing her way down her beau’s body, Brooklyn slides Tyler’s boxer briefs off and instantly wraps her eager lips around the head of his cock to commence a wet and wild blow job.She starts off by licking and sucking every inch of her man’s cock from the swollen head to the sensitive ball sack. After she’s mapped out every inch of Tyler’s dick with her mouth, she sets a fast and furious pace with her soft warm mouth, bobbing her head up and down while simultaneously using her hands to increase the friction even more.This cock-hungry hottie has plenty of tricks in store as she alternates between licking, sucking, and even gently slapping Tyler’s dick against her soft tongue to stimulate him towards the inevitable explosive climax she craves. When Tyler finally reaches the end of his endurance, Brooklyn uses her soft hands to finish the job so that she can enjoy the sticky facial and the taste of warm salty cum as it hits her open waiting mouth.